The Problems With Wisdom Teeth

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The Problems With Wisdom Teeth™, our new third molar referral aid, makes it easier for dental professionals to refer to you. Helping patients understand the benefits of timely 3rd molar removal can prevent more painful problems down the road. X-rays and full color diagrams illustrate the issues clearly. 

Designed to stay in the operatories, not in a drawer or on a bookshelf, these aids have your practice information right there when it's time for professionals to refer patients for surgery. They are also inexpensive enough to provide dentists one for each operatory and one for the hygienist. The cost/benefit ratio for this referral aid is so lopsided that a single referral should more than pay for your entire order.

The Problems with Wisdom Teeth™ is an excellent handout when you’re speaking to dental, orthodontic, and hygiene groups. And, after your presentation, they go straight into their operatories.

Description: Front: Illustrates in X-rays and graphics third molar Problems. Back: Lists reasons for removing third molars and has common questions and answers to the procedure.

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