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We've been working hard developing new tools to help build your practice!

  • Teach young patients about their important role in orthodontic treatment success with The Compliance Game! This colorful board game can entertain and educate kids in your waiting room.
  • Introducing Invisible Aligner Care & Cautions! Why take a chance on finished cases? Reduce risks of poor patient compliance with these informative guides.
  • Our new Preliminary Dental Implant Evaluation can be used to help build your practice in more than one way! While this informative brochure educates patients about treatment procedures, the Preliminary Dental Implant Evaluation can also be used as a professional referral tool when you leave a few in your local area dentist offices.
  • We also introduced the Clear Aligner Summary a while back. Non-traditional braces are hot right now, and patients want to know if these new, discreet methods could work for them.
  • Our Palatal Expander Guide helps parents avoid costly, time consuming mistakes with expanders. 

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