Improve Patient Compliance with On-The-Mirror Guides and ElasticCards!

It is hard to overstate the cost of poor compliance on your productivity and peace of mind. Clearly, you cannot eliminate compliance headaches but you can definitely make things better.

Let’s face it; patients and parents get an avalanche of information at the treatment conference and bonding appointments. Sometimes we just need to step back and look at what really happens to all of that material we give the patients and parents. You can be sure of one thing: If the compliance information goes into an envelope, folder, or drawer at home, the effectiveness will drop like a one-egg soufflé. Our visually stunning and informative guides are laminated to add value. Patients don't just toss them.  

patients see On-The-Mirror-Guides every day
And, the On-the-Mirror Guides come with suction cups to secure directly to the patient's bathroom mirror for DAILY  reinforcement. The ElasticCard conveniently fits right into a wallet or pocket so it can always be with the patient. Our guides keep compliance issues on the front burner for only pennies a week. The best advertisement for your practice is a patient success story. Not only will your patients be happier with their results, their friends and family will want to know who helped them get that beautiful smile. Improving patient compliance pays off for everyone!