How do I place an order?

Add items to your cart and follow the prompts to place your order online

OR give us a call at 1-800-332-0148

OR fax us at 1-757-565-2383

OR email us at


When will my order ship?

Most orders ship the same day or next business day.

For personalized Exam Summaries, Referral Aids and/or Achievement Guides, we will email a proof within 1 to 2 business days. Your order will ship after we get your final approval of the personalization layout proof.  Referral Aids occasionally need an extra day for lamination. 

For all shipping rates, see our Shipping Information page.



All of the On-The-Mirror Guides and the ElasticCards offer complimentary personalization labels. Academic Primers always come with personalization labels. Label information can be input before or after adding items to your online shopping cart. 

Note: Complimentary, personalized, clear labels come in sheets of 80 per page. These 1.5" x 0.5" labels have room for 3 lines of text maximum - usually the doctor or practice name,  a phone number, and a  website. There is a space on each product for you to affix the labels.



All of our Laminated Referral Aids, Exam Summaries and Academic Achievement Guides come with custom printed personalization on the product. Personalization information can be input before or after items to your online cart.
(Note: personalization is required on these items) 

Note: Exam Summaries, Referral Aids and Academic Achievement Guides have a 2.5" x 3" imprint area for your practice information and/or logo. 





Is there a set-up fee for the personalization?

NEVER. After we receive your order, our Art Department will assist with the layout of your personalization at no extra charge. We'll wait to print your order until you have approved the layout and content as seen on the personalization proof. 


What information is included in a typical personalization?

For Exam Summaries, Referral Aids and Academic Achievement Guides - Don't worry about word count or size of the personalization area. We'll help you make it all fit. Most practices include doctor(s) name, a tag line, address, phone number, and website. (Yes, there is room for multiple addresses!)

For On-The-Mirror Guides, ElasticCards, and Academic Primers, the personalization labels have room for 3 lines of text. Typically, offices include their practice or doctor's name, phone number, and website.


What size is the personalization area?

The personalization area size depends on the product type.

For ON-THE-MIRROR GUIDES, ELASTICCARDS, and ACADEMIC PRIMERS: clear label size is 1.5" x 0.5" labels with room for 3 lines of text. (Labels come in sheets of 80 per page.)

For EXAM SUMMARIES, LAMINATED REFERRAL AIDS, and ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GUIDES: imprint area is  2.5" x 3" with space for your practice information and/or logo.


Will you send me a proof before you print my order?

Yes, for EXAM SUMMARIES, LAMINATED REFERRAL AIDS, and ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GUIDES only - we'll email a proof for your approval prior to printing your order. 


Can I pick my fonts?

Yes! If we have your special font in our library, we will be happy to accommodate you. Just let us know in the Instructions Box on the Shopping Cart page.


Can I put my logo in the personalization?

You bet! Just follow the prompts and upload your logo file when you place your order. 


Do you print my logo in color?

Many of our products already have some color to the background which can affect the hue of color imprints. Also lamination (on Professional Referral Aids and Academic Guides) further alters the appearance of colors. Therefore, we print your complimentary personalization in gray-scale

For EXAM SUMMARIES and REFERRAL AIDS, color printing of your personalization is available for an additional cost of 50¢ per each. However, we cannot guarantee color matching. 


What file type should I use for my logo?

We have the tools that allow us to work with almost any file type (psd, pdf, jpg, tif, ai, eps). But we would prefer the largest file that you have on hand. Small files (72 dpi) look fine on a computer monitor, but are very fuzzy when printed. We would prefer at least 300 dpi. If you aren't familiar with any of this, don't panic.  Send us what you have and we will work with it. 

Raster file extensions (.jpg, .png, .tiff) are pixel images, and clarity depends on "dpi" (dots per inch, or pixel density). Generally, a higher dpi means better image clarity for use in print production.
Vector file extensions (.svg, .ai ) will generally provide the sharpest graphics as they store line image data, not pixels. Adjusting the scale of vector images is not dependent on dpi for clarity.
Compound file extensions (.pdf, .eps) support both vector and pixel image data and can also provide better clarity for print production, depending on the quality of the image. 


I'm already a customer, can you use the same personalization as my last order?

Of course, just choose the "same as last order" personalization option.


It's been a few years since my last order. Can you make changes to my old personalization layout? 

Just let us know what to change! Even if it has been several years since your last order, we may still have your information saved and ready to update to suit your needs. 

Feel free to use the Instructions Box on the online Shopping Cart, send an email to, or just give us a call at 800-332-0148.  

For Exam Summaries, Referral Aids and Academic Guides: we'll always send a proof with your changes for your approval, before we print and ship your order.


Are these products copyrighted?

Yes, we have worked very hard on the photography, wording, design, and graphics in all of our products. So, we have protected them with copyrights. Duplicating them, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited under United States federal law.


I buy your products, so can I put them on my website?

Unfortunately, no. To protect our copyright we cannot allow their electronic use in any form.