Third Molar Evaluation

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Increase third molar referrals and treatment acceptance with the Third Molar Evaluation™.

Getting patients into the office and from the initial wisdom teeth evaluation into treatment are critical steps in building your practice. The Third Molar Evaluation does both effectively. Place the personalized brochure in the offices of dentists and orthodontists to use as a referral tool. AND when the patient comes to you for an evaluation, write your treatment recommendations on the tri-fold brochure and provide them a compelling list of benefits for removal.

Referrals – It’s much more effective than a referral slip when placed in the offices of orthodontists and dentists.

Treatment acceptance - You reduce procrastination with clear illustrations of damage to adjacent teeth and supporting structures. The Third Molar Evaluation™ also provides compelling reasons for third molar removal in a convenient take-home presentation for other decision makers.

    Description: Front: Graphics and radiographs make third molar problems understandable for patients and parents. Back: Emphasizes the advantages of timely treatment scheduling and illustrates the benefits of removal.

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