Invisible Aligner Care & Cautions

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Why not improve the look of your finished cases and eliminate a lot of the productivity drain that comes with compliance problems?

As you know, one-shot invisible aligner instructions often don’t get the job done, no matter how well you explain things. That is why we designed our laminated Invisible Aligner Care & Cautions™. These new, sturdy guides help patients get it and retain it because they are fully-illustrated and hang from the patient’s bathroom mirror — for daily reinforcement.

With so much of the treatment outcome riding on patient compliance, it makes sense to invest in the best patient education materials out there. And, the cumulative impact will make the entire orthodontic experience better for patients, parents, you, and your team.

A detailed complimentary instruction sheet, How To Get The Most From Your Patient Compliance Tools, is included with each order.  

A few practices have asked why we recommend using dish washing liquid (soap) to clean aligners instead of products specifically made for that purpose. We have found patients are much more likely to comply when home care is simplified. For more information click here.

Description: Front: Stresses proper seating of aligners and importance of flossing and brushing. Back: Illustrates special cautions.

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