Preliminary Orthodontic Evaluation in French

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Évaluation Orthodontique Préliminaire™ helps move more patients into records and on to treatment acceptance.  It provides a convenient take-home presentation for other decision makers and for those who want to "think it over." The summary sheet is loaded with benefit-rich language without promising treatment outcomes. Its persuasive step-by-step format leads more patients to take action on your recommendations. For professional visibility, your name and practice information is printed on each sheet.

The summaries cover each step of your evaluation: Positions of the Teeth, Relationships of Upper Teeth to Lower Teeth, and Jaw Relationships.

When patients decide where to have treatment, they are judging you on that initial experience. This take-home evaluation gives your practice an edge in treatment acceptance.

Description: Front: Illustrates before and after cases and a place to write your treatment recommendations. Back: Common questions and a list of potential treatment benefits.

Product ID: POE - French