Flossing and Brushing With Braces in Japanese

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You can improve the look of your finished cases, reduce emergency calls, increase the level of homecare, and at the same time strengthen relationships with dentists, hygienists and parents for about a penny a week. That's all it costs for Flossing and Brushing with Braces™.

One-shot home care instructions rarely get the job done, no matter how well you explain things. We designed the home care guide for the bathroom mirror - at eye level for your patients. Your patients simply have to see it several times a day, every day.

And, if it gets wet, who cares? The laminated guide will stand up in the steamiest bathroom for as long as your treatment lasts -- guaranteed.

Description: Front: Illustrates proper flossing and brushing. Back: Shows minor orthodontic problems and solutions for how to deal with them.

Languages: Also, available in English