Week 19: Ouch! Poking Wires, Pain Management & Communication

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Week 19: As a parent, I learned something at Aaron's most recent orthodontic check up: Be careful how much you prepare your kids for the discomfort braces may cause - they might not understand the difference between general soreness and unnecessary pain. Poor kid! He had wires badly in need of a quick, simple trim - but was not aware that kind of pain was not normal and that it could be easily alleviated if he would have just let someone know. The assistant told Aaron to please call for an appointment if he encounters that problem again. 

If Aaron had looked on his Flossing And Brushing With Braces Guide, he would have seen that very instruction right on the back!

We were inundated with new information right after the braces went on. It's not always easy to digest all those instructions and cautions at first. I guess the lesson here would be for parents to review the information on the guides with children carefully again at home, right at the start of treatment to make sure we are all on the same page. And KEEP those guides visible - on the mirror- to use as a reference. Kids can be real troopers when it comes to physical discomfort, but sometimes they don't have to suffer!

On the bright side, the rest of Aaron's Week 19 Check up went very well.  Aaron is doing a good job keeping up with hygiene, and his teeth are aligning more quickly than anticipated! He may be right on track to be out of braces by the start of eighth grade. 

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