Week 54: The Art of Planning

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Planning and Scheduling Orthodontic Appointments

Aaron just passed the one year anniversary of getting braces. Time really does fly. In addition to watching his teeth shifting beautifully into alignment, I've noticed Aaron has been picking up some important life skills during the course of his treatment. Mainly, he really thinks carefully about when we schedule his next appointment. 

He's learned that occasionally there is some minor discomfort the day after an adjustment, so it's probably best not to schedule his next appointment for the day before the big soccer tournament - when he'll want to be feeling 100% on top of his game. As a parent, it is quite a relief to know that your child is mastering this kind of executive functioning for himself. I have trouble keeping track of my own commitments some weeks, it is good to know my son has his calendar covered.

We both appreciate how easily our orthodontist can accommodate our scheduling needs as well! 

So far, Aaron is on target to get his braces off early this Fall. I'm afraid to blink, it will be here soon.  

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