Week 60: Elastics Are Everywhere! Check The Laundry

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Braces elastics end up in laundry

They're everywhere! 

Those little round latex circles -sometimes in bright colors, sometimes neutral - are found all over the house. On a napkin next to a dinner plate, on the floor by the sofa, and especially IN THE LAUNDRY! 

Aaron forgets that he stowed an elastics packet in his pocket, and inevitably they end up going for a spin in the washer and a tumble in the dryer. I figure, the elastics can only withstand so much exposure to the heat and humidity of a clothes dryer before they're usefulness is compromised... but luckily, we have a few extra bags around. In general, it's a good habit to check all pockets before laundering clothes (although, I am usually hoping that I find cash).

Aaron's in the home stretch with his orthodontic treatment now. Just a few more months and we can start worrying about where he left his retainer! Yikes!

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