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Our New Third Molar Evaluation Increases Referrals and Treatment Acceptance!

Posted by Jill Zimmerman at

10 Reasons Oral Surgeons Use Third Molar Evaluation™ forms... 1. Powerful Referral ToolIt’s much more effective than a referral slip when placed in the offices of orthodontists and dentists. 2. Save Referrers’ TimeYou save referring professionals time by providing compelling visual explanations of third molar problems. 3. Benefits ScriptingProvide dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists with powerful scripting for third molar removal. 4. Establish a Referral AdvantageYour name is right in front of patients, parents and referring professionals when third molars are being discussed. 5. Improve Your SchedulingYou reduce emergency visits and increase elective scheduling. 6. Reduce Difficult ExtractionsYou increase optimal treatment...

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