Our New Third Molar Evaluation Increases Referrals and Treatment Acceptance!

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Introducing the Third Molar Evaluation

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10 Reasons Oral Surgeons Use Third Molar Evaluation™ forms...

1. Powerful Referral Tool
It’s much more effective than a referral slip when placed in the offices of orthodontists and dentists.

2. Save Referrers’ Time
You save referring professionals time by providing compelling visual explanations of third molar problems.

3. Benefits Scripting
Provide dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists with powerful scripting for third molar removal.

4. Establish a Referral Advantage
Your name is right in front of patients, parents and referring professionals when third molars are being discussed.

5. Improve Your Scheduling
You reduce emergency visits and increase elective scheduling.

6. Reduce Difficult Extractions
You increase optimal treatment timing with root development.

7. Improve Treatment Acceptance
You reduce procrastination with clear illustrations of damage to adjacent teeth and supporting structures.

8. Overcome Obstacles
Persuade other decision makers and those who want to “think it over” with this portable treatment conference.

9. Patient Friendly
Conveniently folds to fit in a pocket or purse.

10. Inexpensive
Quantity pricing provides a lopsided return on investment with both referrals and treatment acceptance.

Listen to what professionals are saying about Third Molar Evaluation


“As an orthodontist, the Third Molar Evaluation™ is a very useful referral tool. It saves us time, answers questions from patients and parents, and motivates patients to schedule removal.”

Dr. Jamie Toso
New Orleans, Louisiana




 “I refer one or more completed orthodontic patients for third molar removal every day. The Third Molar Evaluation™ is so much more effective than a referral slip.”

Dr. William R. Ledoux
Specialist in Orthodontics


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