Week 40: Prize Wheel and Molar Brackets

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Aaron's Week 40 checkup was a long one! He got brackets placed on his molars and that took a while. We were warned this would take a while in the chair, and that it could be more painful for a few days after. Good thing we scheduled this visit for after his 13th birthday party weekend too. 

On the positive side, he was able to cash in his "good check up points" and spin the prize wheel. He won a nice pass to our local movie theater. As a parent, I must say that these kind of incentive programs really do motivate kids - Aaron talked about what movies he might want to go see all the way home. 

I also learned that Aaron is apparently a "juicy" patient - meaning he's got plenty of active saliva glands that help him keep his mouth cleaner. I guess a little excess spit can be kind of a blessing where oral hygiene is concerned.  Regardless of how juicy a patient is, brushing and flossing are still important for good compliance.

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