Week 48: ELASTICS time! Bite correction phase

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Spring Break Soccer Golf
Spring Break is over! We had a blast in Florida, playing "foot-golf" and enjoying the sunshine. Back to school and work for everyone. 
Aaron has now entered the elastics phase of his treatment. Because his bite needs a little more correction on his left side than his right, he was given instructions to wear the left elastics 24 hours per day, and the right side elastics only at night. The ElasticCard will sure come in handy to help us remember the specifics. 
Of course, keeping track of the actual elastics (in the handy little packet) and removing them before eating, then remembering to insert more elastics after meals etc. is all on Aaron. As a parent footing the bill for orthodontic treatment, I don't want anything slow us down now. Compliance is really in everyone's best interest - especially at this stage of the game! 

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