Week 4: School is out! Next challenge: Maintaining good braces hygiene habits over the summer...

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There goes the bus on Aaron's last day of school! Next week he'll be on his summer schedule -- or lack of schedule -- staying up late, sleeping in late, hanging out with friends playing soccer and video games all day. If we're lucky, he'll squeeze in a few chores. 

The big challenge will be maintaining good flossing and brushing habits without the regularity of a school day schedule. Plus, there will be many temptations to indulge in bad snack choices while traveling on summer vacations. These next few months will be a real test for Aaron.  It helps to have a Flossing and Brushing with Braces Guide on the mirror as a daily reminder! 

Stay tuned to see how he does! His first check up is coming up in a couple weeks.



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