10 Advantages of Daily Reinforcement

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Does your practice encounter any of the following?
  • retainers thrown away in trash
  • loose brackets
  • decalcification, decay and inflammation
  • treatment time overruns 
  • un-turning expander screws
  • extensive repairs
  • elastics on the wrong teeth

O'Neil Practice Resources On-the-Mirror Guides and ElasticCards are powerful tools to help tackle compliance challenges like these. 

When they see compliance information on the bathroom mirror every day, patients will be reminded of the important role they play in the success of their orthodontic treatment.

10 Advantages of Daily Reinforcement for Orthodontic Patient Compliance

  1. Healthier teeth and gingiva

  2. Fewer productivity-draining repair appointments

  3. Less patient/parent disappointment

  4. Better dentist/hygienist relationships

  5. Fewer orthodontic “emergencies”

  6. More on-time finishing

  7. Elastics instructions that are with the patient at all times

  8. Happier patients who refer more patients

  9. Better finished cases

  10.  An improved bottom line for your practice


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