4 Ways Orthodontists Use a Parent's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health

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Why would an orthodontist need a pediatric oral health guide

Why would an orthodontic specialist need a brochure about pediatric oral health?

4 ways an orthodontic specialist can use a Parent's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health:

  1. Appreciation gift packages to pediatric and general dentists with their names on the complimentary personalized labels

  2. Help your guidance/observation patients with home care, and as daily reminder of you, their orthodontist.

  3. Aid school nurses in handling dental emergencies with children. (These are personalized with your name labels.)

  4. Handouts when speaking to school groups, at health fairs, or other events.

This versatile educational tool packs in valuable information while recommending timely screening for orthodontic treatment needs. Your orthodontic practice will be the one that comes to mind. Building a referral base with local pediatric and general dentists will help steer new patients to your door. Helping parents get young children's smiles off to healthy start is a win for everyone. 

Healthy Smiles Start Early - Pediatric Oral Health guide

Additionally, these Pediatric Oral Health guides:

  • Make a great handout when visiting health fairs, preschools, or anywhere young parents gather

  • Instruct parents to have an orthodontic evaluation for their child by age 7!

  • Hang on the bathroom mirror for daily reinforcement of instructions and your name (complimentary labels included with order upon request)

  • Printed on both sides with vivid, full color photos to clearly illustrate instructions

  • Laminated to stand up to the steamiest bathroom and last for years

For more information, or to order check out the Parent's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health product page. Order online, or call us at 1-800-332-0148.

Pediatric Oral Health guide helps develop good brushing habits

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