Introducing our newest referral aid: The Problems With Wisdom Teeth

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 The Problems with Wisdom Teeth - Increase your third molar referrals


Increase Referrals for Third Molars!

10 Reasons Oral Surgeons Use “The Problems With Wisdom Teeth™” Referral Aid 

1)  The Problems With Wisdom Teeth™ referral aid makes it easier for dental professionals to refer to you.

2) They provide compelling reasons to electively schedule removal of third molars before there’s pain and infection.

Inaccessible wisdom teeth and cycle of bacterial growth, infection, pain and bone loss

3) Your name is in front of the referring professional and patient right when it’s time to refer.

Your practice information is printed on the referral aid
4) They’re designed to stay in the operatories of referring dentists, not in a drawer or on a bookshelf.

5) This referral aid is inexpensive enough to provide one for each operatory and the hygienist.

6) Vivid graphics make it easy for patients and parents to understand the potential harm from procrastinating, and the benefits of removing third molars.

Vivid illustrations
7) The Problems With Wisdom Teeth™ is an excellent handout when you’re speaking to dental, orthodontic, and hygiene groups. And, after your presentation, they go straight into their operatories.

8) Heavy-duty lamination assures easy cleanup and decades of use.

9) A complete set of tested delivery instructions are included with your order to maximize referrals to you.

10) The cost/benefit ratio for this referral aid is so lopsided that a single referral should more than pay for your entire order.

To order, or for pricing information, check out The Problems With Wisdom Teeth™ product page. Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 10 for this item.

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