When it comes to compliance, don't just roll the dice.

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Dice and game pieces

We know that compliance is more than just game to you and your patients. We can help you guide patients through orthodontic challenges! Start here, using our On-The-Mirror Guides and ElasticCards:






Palatal Expander Guide and PEG

The Palatal Doorway
Our Expanding the Palate Guide (PEG) is the "key" to unlocking the challenges many parents face when using palatal expanders. 

  Brushing Habits and HCG

On the Brushing Habit Highway
The Flossing & Brushing With Braces Guide (HCG) has instructions and answers to many common problems ( or "bumps in the road") along the way.

Acid Swamp in Aligner Tray and IAC

The Acid Swamp
Our newest guide, the Invisible Aligner Care & Cautions Guide (IAC) helps aligner patients avoid the dangers of unclean appliances. 

Nono Mountain and CA

No-No Mountain
Beware of the dangerous foods that can break your braces! Breakage can lead to longer treatment times! Preventing Problems with Braces Guides (CA) show patients what foods and habits to avoid and why!

 Elastics Web and EC

Elastics Web
The ElasticCard (EC) will give patients clear personalized instructions to help avoid tangles, and get through this phase of treatment on time!


Retainer Corral and RG

Retainer Corral
Without proper retention, teeth may run wild and shift back into old ways. The Retainer Guide (RG) stresses the importance of wearing retainers as directed.



Maybe you do want to roll some dice!

We've had such a great response to our recent mailing featuring The Compliance Game, we've created an actual board game that your patients can play in your waiting room or reception area.  

Everyone wins with great looking smiles!



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