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Have you ever wondered how many patients and parents really understand a comprehensive informed consent document? 

Clearly, a lot of people won't tell us when they don't fully understand something. When there is confusion, there are potential problems. The Orthodontic Informed Consent Supplement™ is designed to help when discussing the potential risks of orthodontic treatment.

ICS serves as focal point in discussion of potential risks

 Comprehension is strengthened from visual cues. More of your patients will "get it" when they see this communication tool loaded with full color pictures. And, the carbonless design gives you two signed copies - one for your records and one for the patient to take home. 

ICS two copies

Designed to be used in conjunction with the comprehensive informed consent document of your choice (not as a substitute), this risk management tool adds an extra layer of protection for your practice.

rest a little easier

For ordering information, check out the product page for the Orthodontic Informed Consent Supplement™ .


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