The BIG difference in compliance aids - DAILY REINFORCEMENT

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ONeil Practice Resources Guides big difference is daily reinforcement

O'Neil Practice Resources On-The-Mirror Guides stand out in the crowd. Our guides are different from most oral hygiene and orthodontic compliance instructions in several ways.

VISIBLE: Our guides are designed to be placed on the bathroom mirror where patients will be sure to see them daily. AND our vivid, colorful photos help to clearly illustrate hygiene instructions and potential hazards during treatment. 

 full color photos on On The Mirror Guides

DURABLE: On-the-Mirror Guides are laminated to help resist moisture and last the full course of treatment. When you hand patients this colorful and sturdy guide, they'll know they're getting valuable instructions that will reinforce what they learned about home care from you and your clinical staff. 

Other instructions end up in a drawer

EFFECTIVE: Plain paper instructions or photo copies may end up tossed away in a drawer. When patients have questions about treatment, the information should be easy to access, not hard to find.

Also, we offer complimentary personalized labels with your practice contact numbers or web site in case your patients need to get in touch with your office. 

With so much riding on patient compliance, why take a chance with anything other than the best materials? 

On The Mirror Guides are visible, durable and effective

Check out our entire family of On-The-Mirror Guides! Order online, or call us at 1-800-332-0148. 

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